Fully involved and present for all of your wedding planning needs through the event day including budgets, month by month planning checklists and producing your pre and post event activities. This package is great if you work full time and prefer a professional to jump in and bring their vision to life from logistics to design.  


Intended for the host that wants to do the bulk of in-person leg work preparing for their event. Partial planning includes vendor referrals and contract reviews while you do your own research, meetings, budgeting and time management. We are available for virtual assistants through your planning for questions, quick tips and design direction. Sara and her team will then be onsite with you for the event day. 


Starting 30 days before the wedding the expectation is for you to be able to hand off the wedding to us. All of your vendors are booked and you can,with ease, tell us all the details we need to know for the wedding day. We will work with you to finalize a master timeline, gratuity recommendation sheet and vendor contact list so all your bases are covered on the wedding day.    You should be a guest at your own celebration.